Osteal Jewelry

Jewelry and Photography by Amanda Joe - a creepy, artsy, werewolf loving, nature worshiping, hermit with cat lady tendencies living in the Pacific Northwest.


Os-te-al: (adj. \ˈäs-tē-əl) Definition: of, relating to, or resembling bone; Pronounced os-tea-ul

Founded in 2009. Earthy, Natural, Cruelty Free.

+ I am against animal cruelty, trophy hunting, trapping, fur farms, factory meat/dairy farms and breeding facilities.


waiting for the studio to warm up, i only turn the heat on when i’m in there. perfect time to drink some homebrew pilsner and listen to my pandora ‘radio’ station that’s mainly just black sabbath, the sword and old metallica.

i like winter, i get to wear all my legwarmers and sweaters and big boots.

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