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+ Osteal is against animal cruelty, trophy hunting, trapping, fur farms, factory meat farms and breeding facilities.





"I Don’t Speak Human - #2" - Self - (c) Ysambre Fauntography 2014

i’m gonna take a moment here - and use these beautiful photos as an opportunity.

In a community that spends lots of time outside, looking for bones, i’m sure we’ve all seen LOTS of trash.

Lets make a promise, as Scavengers, as Nature Lovers, as Outdoor Enthusiasts - to pick up the trash. Even if it’s not yours, even if its wet, even if its been there for 20 years.  We have a chance to keep this beautiful land full of treasures and not full of garbage.

I pledge to always pick up garbage i find in the woods when i am out searching for bones!

will you make the same pledge?

(i bet lots of us already do this, thank you !)


Specializing in bone and copper jewelry

Self portrait. Feeling lost and awkward.

April 2014

raccoon skull

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Asker zombieago-go Asks:
Hello! I just have a quick question if you have a moment. When you use vertebrae in your necklaces, do you coat them with anything for strength? I have 3 raccoon vertebrae I'd like to use in necklaces for myself and two close friends except I don't want them to break with wear. Is that just a risk I need to accept?
ostealjewelry ostealjewelry Said:

hello there,

you can coat them with a shellac or varnish if you like - it might keep them from chipping or cracking, but it will not change the overall integrity of the bone.

It’s truly up to you and your aesthetic i suppose - i like bones to look really natural but as ripewickedplum said: “epoxy would harden and stregthen it!”

in general: older, weathered bones are more likely to chip and fracture.

but all in all: intact bones are pretty strong - they should hold up just fine to every day wear. Just make sure they take them off before showering/bathing or any sort of rough-housing.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How would you honor a skull that as you were cleaning it you discovered it had been shot? (definitely not shot for hunting/food)
ostealjewelry ostealjewelry Said:

Honestly, most end up washed partially in my tears.

I mourn each and every animal that was killed because humans think they ‘know best’ or ‘are allowed’, or because that animal was deemed a ‘pest’ …. i cry because i don’t understand how you kill something so beautiful . … because sadness is the appropriate response to a senseless death.

I clean them, carefully, lovingly. I bath them in essential oils and incense smoke the way I’ve seen done in old religious ceremonies. I treat them as Sacred. I name them, i find a good place in the house for them to be safe (often by a window or with other similar animals)  and i talk to them often - reminding them that not all humans are thoughtless and cruel.

luckily i don’t live in a ‘ranching’ area, and this side of Washington is pretty aware of the impact humans have on wildlife. 

i mostly come across roadkill. Which in reality is no less sad - we build a road through their home, fill it with Super Fast moving cars, trucks and trains and then - when they’ve been struck - we leave them there on the roadside like garbage. it’s horrifying.

okay, i’m gonna go hug my cats and try not to cry now….

Self Portrait with Roadkill Coyote Skull : Read more about the Birthday Coyote


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