Osteal Jewelry

Jewelry and Photography by Amanda Joe - a creepy, artsy, werewolf loving, nature worshiping, hermit with cat lady tendencies living in the Pacific Northwest.


Os-te-al: (adj. \ˈäs-tē-əl) Definition: of, relating to, or resembling bone; Pronounced os-tea-ul

Founded in 2009. Earthy, Natural, Cruelty Free.

+ I am against animal cruelty, trophy hunting, trapping, fur farms, factory meat/dairy farms and breeding facilities.



So happy that I finally have some beautiful “bling” made by the amazing @ostealjewelry to call my own. Was worried Aus Post had lost it as they’ve been a bit sketchy of late but I came home to find it sitting on the bench. Also go go go check Lady Osteal out! Handmade, cruelty free, eco conscious and just all round awesome person. Do it.


The Altar of the New

Not strictly everything in these photos is new, but a lot of it is, so I set it all up to acclimate all the new things (and remains) to the space and to me.

  • African Blackwood wand by Rare Earth Designs
  • Cocobolo puck by Rare Earth Designs
  • Wood Elf athame with sheath by TheGreenWolf (also TheGreenWolf on tumblr)
  • Cross Fox mask and tail by TheGreenWolf (not new but credit!! I love them)
  • Tree of life emblazoned wings (wearable!!) by EarthTribesCreations
  • Raccoon tail and jaw/deer bone scepter by Susan Schroder (I believe)
  • Water buffalo drinking horn by …. ugh I am not sure which business card goes with it sorry it was the booth next to Juliet?? They were very nice!!
  • Were/Wifwolf necklace by Osteal (also Ostealjewelry on tumblr)
  • Coyote tooth and claw/agate slice necklace by artfullyartless (also uponsorrowfuleyes on tumblr)

(in other news I clearly need to start actually looking into being a vulture because it’s snuck its way into my psyche and oops)

beautiful! such a stunning collection

This amazingly stunning necklace was created by the super talented @babehammer40k . It’s the most magical thing I own! This photo does not do justice to its majesty.

I would rather die of passion than of boredom.
Vincent van Gogh (via suiicune)

(via shinkikker)

Cas:“Monkeys are so clever, and they’re sensible in that they leave the skins on the bananas that they eat. Is it really necessary to test cosmetics on them? I mean, how important is lipstick to you, Dean?”

Cas :“I could steal them from their cages, the monkeys, but where would I put them all?”

i really love his character. i also really love any show that promotes werewolves AND animal rights.

Osteal will be vending this Saturday - Come out and say hello! Meet good folks, listen to music and camp! www.Rainingman2014.org

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Pretty details. Display for my table, will be vending this Saturday at the Cascadian Rainingman Festival.

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Morning rituals.

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found but not kept. feathers from a Steller’s Jay

Naturally shed Elk Antler Tips. On black leather cord. $15 - $20 www.osteal.etsy.com

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