Osteal Jewelry

Bone Jewelry and Photography by Amanda Joe - nature worshiping hermit and artist living in the Pacific Northwest.


[Os-te-al: (adj. \ˈäs-tē-əl) Definition: of, relating to, or resembling bone; Pronounced os-tea-ul] Founded in 2009. Earthy, Strange and Cruelty Free.

+ I am against animal cruelty, trophy hunting, trapping, fur farms, factory meat/dairy farms and breeding facilities.


Priority Mailer full of bones and other goodies - $20 total/free shipping (via Bone Lot - vulture culture deal scavenged bones bone by Osteal)

Dark Things in the Woods

Featuring : Stoner Witch/Wizard Pendant and Elk Antler Tip Necklace

ripewickedplum said: Elderberry syrup does wonders for your immune system, and a honey ginger lemon mixture too! Turmeric is great too especially as a golden milk, these are far better for you, I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you! - i actually just made a syrup of fresh elderberries, ginger and local honey!  I try to put turmeric and garlic in errrrverything i eat. i guess every now and then even the best efforts still need pharmaceutical help

ugh, i have strep throat. i know the surgery/hospital stay/antibiotic iv drip messed with my already weak immune system.. but.. still. boooooo

this is part of why i am such a hermit. I caught this from my fella who caught a cold from a firefighter at work. When the big strong boys get sick i know i’m in trouble.

more antibiotics for me, i wish there was another way.

though it does strengthen my argument of living in the woods and only talking to my cats.


Cat Lady or Cat Dude Backpatch


Osteal Jewelry ( ahs-tee-ul)


all bones were found as bones. Not only were no animals harmed ‘just for the jewelry’ but no animals were intentionally harmed for anything other than survival. All bones, with the exception of deer bones, were found in the forests and towns, already dead though accidental human contact. We do source deer bones locally from those who hunt for food only, not trophy.

So in love with my Raccoon Skull Destroyed Scarf from Sovrin . Cannot wait to incorporate this into the next Osteal Jewelry photo shoot!


OS·TE·AL adj
\ˈäs-tē-əl\ , [oz-tea-ul]
- Definition; of, relating to, or resembling bone; also : affecting or involving bone or the skeleton

My idea with Osteal was to create something beautiful, naturally strange and close to the Earth. I wanted to use natural objects, focus on items with…

people have been seriously misusing some terms such as : ‘cruelty free”, “no animals were harmed for this” etc..

So let me be upfront and honest about where the bones come from for Osteal Jewelry.

None of my bones come from furriers, trappers, trophy hunters, breeders, taxidermists or fur farms. In the beginning of my business (2009) i purchased a box of small skulls and bones (some skunk, some turned out to be mink) from an antique shop - when i researched where skulls like that are acquired i never used them again.

75% of my bones were found by me, personally. Along roads and in forests around the western united states. Therefore the animals i honor are not exotic or rare. They are the beautiful ‘common’ animals, thriving in the locations where they are found. Occasionally i use locally hunted deer bones, hunted for food not trophy or sport. The rest are found by friends, gifted to me or purchased from individuals that i trust.

My bones show aging, predator damage, rodent chews and natural staining because they were found AS BONES.

Scavengers rarely if Ever find piles of perfect bones, multiple fully intact skulls or hundreds of the same coyote/wolf teeth in grade A condition… it just doesn’t work like that. I wish it did, but i’m glad it doesn’t.

While we (the scavengers) may come across excellent specimens once in a while - most items will show signs of natural death, predation or car impact.

You are free to chose where you buy from, just make sure you can be proud of your choices.